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Business Class

In need of a business events logistic?

The most requested Mercedes Class - E Class - is offered by Best Rent at highest, newest standards. Your corporate quests will feel safe and comfortable driven by impeccably business dressed, who speak several international languages.

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Luxury Class


Luxury Car Rental in Bucharest. Best Rent offers you a significant variety of luxury cars from its own fleet. Long wheelbase vehicles from Mercedes are the core of our luxury fleet. Chauffeur driven luxury limousines are at your disposal for your special event.S Class is at your disposal if you or your guests prefer it.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to develop and maintain long-term relationships based on trust and service excellence.

Fleet Maintaining

The fleet is properly maintained both tehnically and aestethic at Mercedes-Benz autorized service.

New Website Interface

New Interface more accesible for everyone.

Now the customers can register to our site and by in touch with our offers.

Best Chauffeurs

English speaking Chauffeurs, trained for good quality service!

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